Data protection is essential in the digital age, where sensitive information is vulnerable to constantly evolving cyber threats. With the recent update of ISO 27002:2002, data masking, addressed in Control 8.11, becomes even more relevant. In this article, we will explore what data masking entails, how it benefits businesses, and how Nymiz can help comply with this new regulation.

What is data masking and how does it benefit businesses?

Data masking is a technique that consists of hiding or replacing personally identifiable data (PII) with fictitious data or pseudonyms, ensuring the identity of the individual as well as its integrity and usefulness for certain processes. This practice is crucial to safeguard the privacy and security of information, especially in environments where large amounts of data are handled.

Companies can benefit from data masking in several ways:

  • Privacy protection: Guarantee the privacy of the individuals behind said data.
  • Regulatory compliance: Comply with regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA that require the protection of personal data.
  • Risk reduction: Minimize the risk of exposure of sensitive information to possible security breaches.
  • Test and Research Optimization: Provide realistic yet secure data sets for software testing, application development, and research.
  • Improving customer trust: Assure customers that steps are taken to protect their personal information, thereby strengthening the company’s trust and reputation.

Control 8.11 and data masking

Control 8.11 of ISO 27002:2002 focuses on data masking as a security measure to protect sensitive company information. This control establishes guidelines and best practices for implementing data masking effectively, including identifying sensitive data, applying appropriate masking techniques, and securely managing masked data.

How Nymiz helps comply with the new regulation

Nymiz is an AI-based SaaS platform that, using natural language processing (NLP) technology, can help companies comply with Control 8.11 and other regulations related to data privacy. With its advanced data masking technology, Nymiz allows companies to protect their sensitive information without sacrificing its usefulness for any necessary processes.

Some of the notable features of Nymiz include:

  • Custom solutions: Ability to mask data in real time, offers a set of customized solutions and functionalities in both document formats and databases.
  • Effective and secure results: Ability to anonymize documents in multiple languages and download them in any required format.
  • Diversity of anonymization methods: Protect privacy through various anonymization and pseudonymization techniques for safe and effective results.
  • Adapted accessibility: Without the need for prior technical knowledge or complicated installations, it is possible to access remotely through any device and from anywhere.

In conclusion, data masking plays a crucial role in protecting companies’ sensitive information. With the new update of ISO 27002:2002 and Control 8.11, it is more important than ever to implement effective data masking measures. Nymiz positions itself as a comprehensive solution to help companies comply with these regulations and protect information privacy.

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