Balancing Knowledge Sharing & Data Protection For Optimal Legal Practice

The “need to know” principle, central to legal practices, underscores selective information sharing based on its relevance and necessity. Yet, it brings along its own complexities.

Challenges In Spotlight

Operational Delays from Manual Anonymization Processes:

The time-intensive nature of manual data anonymization processes can cause significant delays in legal operations and client service.

Manual Data Anonymization Drains Resources

Extensive hours devoted to manually anonymizing data detract from valuable time that could be better utilized for core legal activities.

Information Bottlenecks Due to Unshareable Data

Difficulty in data sharing leads to the accumulation of isolated information pools, obstructing effective knowledge distribution and management within the firm.

One Stop Solution To Overcome
Data-Anonymization Hurdles

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With Nymiz you can
save at least 80%
of direct costs related to anonymizing manually due to our AI and automatic batch processes minimizing the human risk

Advanced Data Privacy for Various Document Types

Nymiz safeguards information across diverse data formats, including extensive databases and unstructured documents. Utilizing cutting-edge anonymization and pseudonymization methods, such as tokenization and the generation of synthetic data, our platform effectively conceals personal details while retaining the data’s intrinsic value.

Data Anonymization and Pseudonymization Solutions

Nymiz secures the transformation of personal data using both reversible and irreversible techniques. By substituting original data with asterisks, tokens, or synthetic equivalents, our platform enhances privacy without compromising the utility and significance of the information.

Extensive Language Support

Nymiz is proficient in processing data across 102 languages, in addition to English and Spanish.

AI-Enhanced Natural Language Processing

Nymiz excels in identifying context-relevant information such as names, phone numbers, and social security numbers, offering enhanced performance over tools without AI integration.

Carlos García- Egocheaga

The anonymization of legal documents is essential today due to data protection laws. Therefore, Nymiz is an essential product within the legal ecosystem.

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