In today’s digital age, data has become an invaluable asset for companies of all sizes and sectors. From customer information to operational data, the ability to effectively secure the data lifecycle can make the difference between keeping information secure and facing the serious consequences of a security breach. This is where Nymiz comes into play, an AI-based software, a pioneer in data protection that allows you to personalize each stage of the life cycle of your data to guarantee its value and usefulness in a safe and effective way.

What is the data life cycle?

Before we dive into how Nymiz can help you personalize your data lifecycle, it’s crucial to understand what exactly this concept entails. The data lifecycle refers to the entire process that data undergoes from its creation to its deletion. This process generally includes the following stages:

  • Capture: In this stage, data is collected from various sources such as online forms, sensors, business transactions, among others.
  • Storage: Captured data is stored in a secure and accessible repository, either on local servers or in the cloud.
  • Processing and Analysis: Here, data is processed and analyzed to extract valuable information and make informed decisions.
  • Use and distribution: The processed information is used for various purposes, such as customizing services, making business decisions and creating reports.
  • Retention: Some data must be retained for a specific period to comply with legal regulations or for business reasons.
  • Archiving: Data that is no longer needed for daily operations is securely archived for possible future retrieval.
  • Deletion: Finally, obsolete or unused data is securely deleted to free up space and reduce security risks.

Extend the life cycle of data with Nymiz

Now that we understand the stages of the data lifecycle, let’s see how Nymiz can help you customize this process to fit the specific needs of your business.

  • Identification of sensitive data: Nymiz software uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to quickly and efficiently identify sensitive data based on context. From structured and unstructured documents to databases, Nymiz helps you protect information by preserving both its value and context.
  • Personalized anonymization: Once you have identified the data, Nymiz allows you to anonymize the information in a personalized way according to your needs. Through various anonymization and pseudonymization techniques, it guarantees the proper use and processing of data, minimizing the risks of exposure to possible information leaks and allowing the secure exchange of information.
  • Real-time manual monitoring: With Nymiz, you can review the anonymization process in real time, ensuring data is managed appropriately and adjusting parameters as necessary to meet privacy and security standards.
  • Regulatory compliance: Anonymization is a method recognized by privacy regulations, such as the GDPR, in protecting and preserving data privacy. By opting for anonymization rather than data deletion, you ensure that information is preserved securely and usable for legitimate purposes.

This not only complies with privacy regulations, but also extends the life cycle of data, allowing it to be continuously used for analysis, research and development, without compromising the privacy or integrity of individuals.


Customizing the data lifecycle is a critical process to ensure the value and usefulness of your data. From the initial identification of sensitive information to the application of anonymization techniques and constant monitoring of regulatory compliance, each stage is crucial to maintaining data integrity and security.

Make the most of your data with Nymiz and take your company to the next level of efficiency and competitiveness in today’s digital market.

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