Data protection has become a priority for companies and public entities. Privacy regulations demand transparent treatment of personal data and organizations must adapt their data management to comply with the standards. These requirements arise in a context where data is an extremely valuable asset for organizations, leading them to accumulate large volumes of both valuable and irrelevant data.

Finding a balance between data processing and data privacy is therefore a challenge to which all companies are forced to respond.


Data privacy automation enables companies to ensure an efficient data protection assurance process. Due to the with high volumes of data, manual controls are insufficient, making it necessary to adopt efficient and effective data privacy automation solutions. Among the measures adopted, there are solutions such as data mapping, implementation of audit trails and data anonymization.


It allows organizations to know what data they accumulate and where it is located. Having control of the stored data is the first step to be able to take measures for its protection.


Generate evidence of actions taken on data in accordance with regulatory requirements such as those established by GDPR.


Automatic personal data anonymization is vital to avoid the risk of breaches and fines for GDPR violations. It allows personal data to be identified and masked in such a way that individuals cannot be identified.


Data masking is undoubtedly a task that cannot be tackled by manual compliance measures. The volume of data accumulated in databases, documents, images and so on requires tools capable of detecting and subsequently redacting personal data.

The challenge is especially complex in the documentary field, due to the difficulty of detecting personal data and controlling the volume of accumulated information. Nymiz simplifies this process to a single click. Thanks to natural language processing, our data anonymization software is able to automatically detect personal data by context and then anonymize it.

But how do we meet the challenge posed by the high volume of documents to be anonymized? Any user, without technical knowledge, can upload batches of documents or folders for anonymization. With a single click, large volumes of documents are automatically processed and anonymized, which means significant savings in costs, time and effort.


However, automation does not mean giving up process customization. Each customer, department or user within an organization needs an anonymization process that is adapted to the information that is to be kept visible for specific tasks. To meet this need, our data masking tool allows you to adjust the process by means of whitelists, blacklists or selection of infotypes to be anonymized. In this way, in addition to automating the data protection process, we allow organizations to customize the result as much as possible. 


The automation of the anonymization process provides significant time savings. The volume of documents accumulated by companies makes this task not very scalable and productive despite its criticality. Many hours are needed to review and keep up to date the anonymization of personal data in legal, HR or commercial documents.

The results obtained through the automatic anonymization process are superior to those obtained from manual document review tasks. Additionally, Nymiz anonymizes the data guaranteeing the irreversibility of the process while in many occasions crossing out the data is confused with anonymizing it.

Automation is synonymous with cost savings. In this case, Nymiz allows costs to be significantly reduced by not requiring the intervention of technical users or specialists. Any person can select the batches of information to be anonymized and our anonymization software takes.

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