We are excited to announce that Nymiz has been selected as one of the five finalist companies to participate in the first edition of the New York Challenge Program. This prestigious program will take place from June 3 to 14, and represents an unparalleled opportunity for our company to expand horizons and strengthen our position in the global cybersecurity arena.

A step towards the epicenter of innovation

For two intense weeks, our CEO, Oscar Villanueva, will be immersed in one of the most innovative technological ecosystems in the world: New York. This program will not only allow us to explore new collaboration and business opportunities, but will also facilitate the establishment of strategic connections with industry leaders and technology and cybersecurity experts.

Opening new horizons

One of our key objectives in this mission is to open the market in the United States. Cybersecurity is a global challenge, and at Nymiz we are committed to bringing our data protection solutions to a broader audience. Participating in the New York Challenge Program offers us an unparalleled platform to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of our innovations in data anonymization and pseudonymization.

Nymiz and its work in data protection

At Nymiz, we specialize in offering advanced data anonymization solutions that allow businesses to protect the privacy of their information without compromising the integrity or usefulness of the data. Our software is designed to comply with the strictest privacy regulations, ensuring that personal data is kept secure and anonymous. This work is essential in a world where digital threats are constantly evolving and where privacy protection is more important than ever.

Looking to the future

During our time in New York, we hope to identify and address emerging challenges in cybersecurity, exchange knowledge with other innovators, and find new ways to collaborate to strengthen digital security. We are excited by the possibilities this experience holds for us and are confident that it will help us reinforce our mission and expand our impact in the area of data protection.

Milestone on our path to a safer future

Being selected to participate in the first edition of the New York Challenge Program is a significant milestone for Nymiz. It gives us a platform to showcase our innovations and to make connections that will be crucial to our future growth and success. We appreciate this opportunity and look forward to sharing our experiences and learnings upon our return.

Stay connected with us to follow our updates and discover how Nymiz continues to lead the way in cybersecurity and data protection.

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