In today’s digital age, data protection is more crucial than ever. With the increasing amount of information generated and stored by organizations (97 zettabytes of data created in 2020 and projected to reach 181 zettabytes by 2025), ensuring data privacy and security has become a top priority. Data breaches are increasingly common, with 93% of companies experiencing them in the last two years, resulting in an average cost of $3.86 million per incident.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as an essential tool in this fight, offering innovative solutions that are changing the paradigm of data protection.

The duality of AI: Protection and threat

It is important to recognize that AI is also used to create more effective cyberattacks. However, this same technology can be used to strengthen our defenses. Knowing how to use AI to create an effective information defense is crucial to staying one step ahead of threats.

Automation and compliance with AI

AI has revolutionized data protection, moving from a reactive approach to a proactive and automated one. AI systems can analyze large volumes of data in real time, identifying unusual patterns that could indicate a security breach (Gartner predicts that by 2025 AI will be able to detect 95% of breaches in real time).

In addition, AI facilitates automatic data anonymization, ensuring compliance with regulations such as the GDPR and optimizing knowledge management. A Ponemon Institute study found that AI can shorten response time to data breaches by 60%.

A notable example: Nymiz

Nymiz, AI-powered data anonymization software, offers comprehensive data protection for the digital age, helping organizations protect their sensitive information, comply with data privacy regulations, and optimize data management.

Automation and compliance:

  • Nymiz automates data anonymization, freeing professionals to focus on strategic tasks.
  • Helps organizations comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Adaptability and efficiency:

  • Nymiz adapts to the specific needs of each organization through anonymization and pseudonymization techniques.
  • It offers different levels of protection to balance security with the usefulness of the information.
  • Its scalability makes it ideal for companies of all sizes.

Versatility and scalability:

  • The possibilities for using Nymiz are endless, from research organizations to e-commerce companies.
  • Nymiz is positioned as an essential tool for data protection in the digital age.

AI: An essential tool for data security

Today, AI is widely adopted in data protection, but its implementation varies. In sectors such as finance and healthcare, AI tools are integrated into continuous monitoring systems that monitor network activity and detect anomalous behavior. These solutions not only protect against external threats, but also help organizations comply with privacy regulations by identifying and managing sensitive data efficiently.

A more proactive and secure future

The future of AI in data protection promises even more significant advances:

    • Explanatory AI: Greater transparency and trust in automated data protection decisions.
    • Complete compliance automation: AI will manage the entire process, from identifying sensitive data to generating audit reports in real time.
    • Predictive cyber defense: AI will anticipate and prevent cyber attacks before they occur.

In conclusion, AI is an essential tool to protect information privacy in the digital age. Companies that embrace AI will be better positioned to address data security challenges and protect their customers’ sensitive information.

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